1st G.U.N.S. ‘Richthofen’ Operation Flashpoint Squad

When we first heard of OFP in 2000 the game was in the stage of developing. No one would have thought OFP become a “ground-based” add-on to our beloved Falcon.

Yet, after more than 18 months of playing, we must admit that the programm is formidable.

Especially when played on our OFP resistance server! Never before teamwork had such an imminent effect on a game´s outcome.


Since the 01.02.2004, is the OFP section of the 1st G.U.N.S. in paging.


The new C.O.G. - Commanding OFP Group


C/O - Commanding Officer C.O.G.

- The lead of the “1st G.U.N.S. - OFP Squad” changed to McInk


With this reorganisation of the OFP section, we want to secure the “living on” of this 1st G.U.N.S. branch, since there´s meanwhile, beside “Falcon” also the “EVE section”. We believe that this way is the first step and the correct decision to keep our beloved “1st G.U.N.S. - OFP Squad” alive.