codemaster´s server

Newest patches, addons, trailers from codemasters paradise. Some files are bigger than 40 Mb. The trailer is also good. Check it out.



patch 1.85 ( Resistance )

patch 1.85 screenshots

patch 1.91 ( Resistance )


patch 1.96 ( Resistance )


patch 1.96 ( GOTY Edition )






official OFP trailor

OFP screensaver

main ftp directory




new sounds

Satchel´s dynamic range audio enhancement package is now available as an update or as a complete package. It works great, the sounds are unbelievable real.



file features


audio pack for OFP 1.90+


easy to install


size 15 MB


source 23rd VFS ( Thanks guys! )


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ofp on xaos

One of the many Russian pages you find in the scene. Much original stuff, especially around the vehicles



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gamespy mission center

Newest resistance missions and add-ons can be downloaded in this area



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