1. You are our guest, you are welcome!

2.Keep in mind, we pay the money to keep this veteran server running. You benefit from our work. So be patient and joyfull! In accordance to the character of this veteran server the main language shall be English. Thanks !

3. We wnat you as a game companion if you follow the rules of normal behavior between socialized individuals of the human species. ( Yes we still DO believe ). Thus insulting other players / the admin will lead to permanent ban. So use your brain before you type!

4. Cheating will result in banning your ID and informing related servers - as cheating is not concidered as following rules of normal behavior.

5. The use of satchel’s dynamic range audio enhancement package is allowed here

6. Obviously pirated versions will not be tolerated. In case FADE activates you get kicked. Get yourself an original game with a new ID and you are welcome. Our server kicks automatically double ID´s.

7. If you pixk a slot, stay in it ( wishfull thinking ). Yet sometimes the circumstances make it necessary to redirect players to other slots, hence the admin will do this.

8. The admin has a job to do. Don´t expect that the mission starts as soon as you have choosen your slot. Perhaps the admin has already decided to wait for more players. So keep silent, the admin will inform you sooner or later. If you post an annoying “gogogo” etc. ( you get the point? ) you will get kicked. Come back when you´ve learned the high virtue of patience.

9. Some of the written mission briefings are in German. Don´t panic, someone will translate. But please ask.

10. Don´t flood the chat with rubbish, if the admin briefs you!

11. The admin usually is cheerfull, despite his hard job. His mood changes dramatically if you get on his nerves by

“I want another map”, “I want 3D view on”, “I want a heli”, “I want an icecream with beef/onion flavor”, “I want my mama now......!”

12. Continuous pings >= 199ms will lead to exclusion of the game. Pings between 150 and 199ms are regarded as crucial. Keep your ping low.

13. No civilians are allowed. They will be kicked.

14. Once the mission is on the run, you may join the server as guest but behave silent until the next round opens.

15. There are times of simple shooting fun ( seldom ) and times of tactic fun ( mostly ). Don´t grab your M16, an empty heli or tank and try a ferocious attack without proper planning. You will get shot, the vehicle will be lost, you will spoil the game! So plan your moves and you will enjoy it!

16. In - combat - communication is essential; Talk with your pals, use the proper channels, try to act at least as a two - man team. Fight alone and you are faster dead - most of the time.

17. No fratricide! If you kill your mate by accident, post you apologies immediatly. If this happens too often, you probably are a hazard to mankind and will get kicked. If you´re killing friendlies intentionally, you will get banned.

18. Racism, intolerance or insults of ANY nature will not be abided. Read our principles to understand our philosophy.

19. People who permanently quit our games after being killed - so called “quitters” - will be banned, for we do not tolerate such an unfair behavior.

20. 1st G.U.N.S. members with full access have the last word in all aspects. If you do not agree to our rules - you are free to take any other server.

21. No gunners in Heli allowed unless the admin says so.

22. Act as a part of our community and you will enjoy it. We are friends at the 1st G.U.N.S. - you may become one of us.

23. The server is a VETERAN server. So you won´t find a 3rd person view, because this would be unrealistic.

24. By joining our server you agree to these rules here. If not you are free to take any other server.

25. Admin vote is deactivated on our server because some player misused the admin functions.


Complaints & ideas can be dropped here.


... and now lets enjoy our game and have fun !


     McInk & Scorpion0815