Pilot  Eirman

Name: Ronan Mc Donogh 
Callsign: "Eirman"
Profession Cybercafe Manager
Age: 29
Rank at
1st G.U.N.S:
Special Awards
Participant of the official 6th campaign of the 1st GUNS
Personal comment: My logbooks got scattered in the wind. But I will keep em safe now !
Pilot since:  1998
Favourite Aircraft:  F-16
Favourite mission type:  BFM
E-Mail  Eirman@1stGUNS.de
Personal Homepage:
UIN:  100467980 Status:
Hardware config:  K7 700,128MPC133,128 Kbit ISDN, G-Force 2


My thoughts:  "Teamwork, teamspirit, the ability to fly and fight as a single effective unit. This is the essence of 1stGUNS. It is about hard work, focus and commitment. 

Somebody also mentioned something about "fun" also but I didn't understand what they meant ;-)"

In Action
Our thoughts We are VERY glad to have a sole Irish F-16 pilot on his way into falconcommunity. Whenever you come to Galway follow the people with square eyes and shakin´ hands leaving his "Clan Video Ltd. CyberCAfe".

For he runs Ireland´s first and most experimental Falcon 4.0 Cybercafe. You won´t get a beer without extensive flight training by the maestro himself !

Here really beats the very Irish heart of the Falconworld !