If you want to find out about our intention, principles and  spirit go ahead reading here. Flying & fighting together is not just a joyful game for us, it's a sort of  devotion... 


How can you get your plane the way you want it to go? How to use the craft's parameters the most efficient way? How do you evade a radar-guided SAMS at Angel 12?

Despite from practice there is nothing as important as the knowledge about you, your bird and your enemy. Therefore regular schooling and prepatory training for the rookies is essential.



Teamwork, friendship, trustworthiness and combativeness make you take part of a community bigger than you can estimate. This is our intention while flying Falcon 4.0. There is no difference whether you fly with people from your own country or in other ones.



Only the one you know is the one you can trust if the heat is cominŽup. Therefore, apart from intensive flight of fight training, we personally select our volunteers and check if they fit into the team. Those of us who fly and fight together for some time know each other very well and have grown together in this spirit.



Yes you are reading right! We are - so far known - the only squadron that follows democratic rules. Our proven members are - despite rank and servicetime - all equal and have the same vote. A lot of essential matters are carried out by our subsidiaries, e.g. the group of trainers. Additionally important and financial decisions are discussed by the Commanding Air Group (C.A.G.) a dynamic forum of 4 members. Hence, for us true responsibility means leading our fellowmen into responsibility.



Flying the Falcon together, playing =EVE= or gambling OFP / ArmA, anyway we are on our sincere way towards an universal friendship of people across "man-drawn" borders. That's our small contribution to the fact that the world has really become a "global village". Joining us seriously you will see that we have become friends and would like to welcome you our community of Falcon enthusiasts.


Therefore it's not place for hard core militarism, we do NOT identify with wars in reality, for which purpose whatever. We will definitely not accept any violation against our principles within the Richthofen Squad. We just want to play good simulation games which give you the impression of one of the greatest feelings, to fly...



Shocked by the pictures of civil jets crashing into the remains of the World Trade Center, we had closed our pages for several months in memoriam of the victims of this coward attack.
Nowadays  we truly hope that after a phases of intensified worldwide military action against the terror, the world's nations will find together again. Perhaps this may lead into a much deeper and more serious understanding of the world's cultures in future. That's our true wish!

The C.A.G. of the 1st G.U.N.S." Richthofen"

Arnt  "vOid"  Stoeber (C/O)
Dr. Stefan "Bluefire"  Linke (X/O)
Ingo "Mc Ink" Stump (X/O)




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