If  you are a true Falcon enthusiast, you know this feeling: There are graphics, movies and sounds that give you the creeps. So, if you are looking for something far beyond the standard flight schedule, you are right. There are general specials and specials about some of our members. Just select

This is extraordinary, you will need time....

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Items, dedicated to Falconflight in general. Most of these files are from authentic sources, yet not all origins are known. 


A F-16 is hit being by friendly fire. Listen to the dramatic last seconds until the crash and hear Betty continuously calling the well known "CAUTION" alert.

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type: real audio file
size 266 kB
length 2.23 min
download here

An USAF F-16CG (serial 88-0550, pilot callsign Hammer 34)  is hit by a Serbian SA-3 during the Kosovo crisis and faces serious engine probs at angel 14.

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type: standard.mp3 (128 bit)
size 688 kB
length 3.51 min
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special! CNN news report is here
special! the pilot´s rescue is here

My first flight in a Fulcrum
Ken  Thompson made a trip from USA to Moscow to fly a Soviet MIG-29 for some 12.000$. Read here about his experience with the former Russian airforce.

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type: article, newsgroup
read here

A German tornado (Eagle 22)  is fulfilling an emergency exercise. Listen to the dialogue with Sentry (called here "London mil 800") while he is going below 100ft on escape vector 150. 

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type: real audio file
size 144 kB
length 3 min
download here

On mach 24th 1999, a  pair of Fulcrums is being knocked of the skies by a package of F-15s. Hear the first pilot calling the FOX -3 and hit the bogey at angel 22. 


The second Mig-29 (a Jugoslovenske Ratne Vozduhoplovstvo  L-18/MiG-29) is being hit by a "Fox-1". (All pilots could bail out and survived! ). Those of you who are interested in both pilots versions (and propaganda!), there is the Fulcrum pilot's point of view (see below). 

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type: standard.mp3 (128 bit)
size 448 kB
length 2.32 min
download here
special! Mig29 pilot´s view is here

F14 on SU22
Original soundfile from a real encounter of a pair of Tomcat vs 2 Sukhoi 22 (Codename "Fitter"). The SU22 is a modified export version of the Su-17M2. The Su-22 had the Tumansky R-29B-300 engine instead of the Lyulka AL-21F. This is the original soundfile encrypted in Falcon 4.0!

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type: standard.mp3 (128 bit)
size 5,7 MB
length 6.09 min
download here

Tomcat breakthrough
A US Navy F-14 breaks through the soundbarrier right above the eyes of a hundred of bystanders.

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type: real audio file
size 1,3 MB
length 42 sec
download here

Korean Nightwing movies
From our Korean friends we received these 2 files. If you want to impress someone else with the fine art of falconflight, check them out. Both files are big.

This is unique!

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type: MOVIE 1 (V/2001 - .ra File)
size 18.5 MB
note Real Audio Player necessary
download here
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type: MOVIE 2 (I/2002 - .asx File)
size 19.9 MB
note Standard Win Player
download here

Invasion 1944
An unknown .mp3 file about the D-Day or Ardenne 1944 that gives me - as a German -  the creeps. If anyone knows the origin of this file, please let me know. 

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type: standard.mp3 (128 bit)
size 1.4 MB
download here

The flight - suit man  
My name is Roman "FERET" Dabrowski. I'm a proud member of the 1stGUNS since the year 2000. I'm enjoying my time at this squadron because of the good friendship and fun we have.


About one year ago I was prompted to become an official 1st G.U.N.S. trainer and I must say I enjoy to get Falcon rookies into the virtual world of hardcore simulation. To get a little more realism in front of the computer I decided to get get some real flight gear. I know flying a real jet is something complete different but with the flight gear it' s a little bit more realistic. 

Here is my current suit-status, see it all here:
German coverall
CSU-13B/P Anti-G Garment
MA-2 Torso Harness
HGU-33 Helmet

If you want to know more about flight gear visit my site: www.feret.at.tt or just email me.


Great Balls of Fire 
Greetings fellow Falconeers, my name is Lutz "Cyrex" Schneider and I have the pleasure to tell you about the things that "keep me flying" since 1997 with the 1st G.U.N.S." Richthofen" squadron.


When Bluefire asked me to write a Special Section, I thought I will write about something I know best:" High Explosives". That's my "specialty" or rather passion, you might say. First of all, because I always get my ass kicked in any dogfight. I really avoid an air-battle when I can, because I know I suck in it. But if my boys keep an eye on me, I try to get down and dirty, real close and personal with the enemy. Serious Mud-Moving, gentleman. I think that the Air-to-Ground section is one of the most important things in today’s wars. First, in WW1, we saw fragile bi-planes, used as scouts and recons, only armed with a pistol, if at all. Then we saw the air-battles of the great Manfred von Richthofen and his flying Circus, after which our squad is proudly named, and the aeroplane first used in the role of a bomber. In WW2, the emphasis was even more on shooting down enemy fighters, until the long range carpet bombings we saw late in the war. After that, the Korean War and Vietnam, we saw less and less real dogfighting taking place until the gulf-war and finally Kosovo. The might of the Allied Forces was just too great, very seldom any plane made it of the ground just to be shot down by an F-16. And I think in the future, as you see today in Afghanistan, the emphasis will be mainly on Air to Ground. 

What is the purpose in a war towards the enemy? To kill the enemy soldiers, do destroy his tanks, to degrade his ability to produce more material, to bomb him straight into the middle-ages until the point where he just cannot keep up the fight because he has no trucks to transport his soldiers or oil to run the trucks. And that's what we do. The Falcon is just another weapons-platform to bring high-explosives in close, precise contact with the enemy. And I love to feel the thrill, first to plan what weapon to use against which target. Then the way to the enemy, low flying, nap of the earth and the anticipation of things to come. And then finally over the target to have the satisfying sight of a weapons full impact, right on target. To know a job well done. So, if you want to make me real happy, just give me a B-52 Bomber or an F-15E and a huge load of bombs, clusters etc., show me an armored column or a factory and you will see that it is true what Bluefire said: "Wherever Cyrex strikes...nothing is left!". And by the way, I also just love FIRE. Yeah baby...fire, fire...hehe...the flames...so nice... *evil grin*. 
Wanna see it? Then

If you have any question about HEs, don´t hesitate to email me by using one of the links here:

pilot page email

Horrido !


A C/O´s vision  
So, this is vOid to write you something about some of my projects:


I just completed the electronical upgrade of my Aker - Barnes Cockpit. Having built it from scratch in summer 2001, I decided to add a X-Keys Matrix and 100+ buttons to it being able to access the numerous switches in F4 since SP2. It took me 3 days and 100m cable to almost finish it. 
I printed the left, right, front consoles on several sheets of paper and glued an protective sheet of Astralon (form of acrylic glass) on them. Afterwards they were put on the referring places of my cockpit and then several types of switches, buttons and rocker - switches were added. So, like in a real cockpit you have to do a lot of moving and head swiveling, but can access a lot of functions with just one push. No need for intense programming of the FLCS anymore, which is effective too, but not so realistic. I still have to add the "Gear Lever" and some fireworks for the Ejection Seat. Also I want to add a canopy someday, that's highly favored by my girlfriend as it puts me in a state of virtual absence and her in a state of real relaxation. We still argue about the opening time, the location and accessibility of the lock and who's the keymaster.


Apart from flying with the 1st GUNS I do some real - life flying. However a little downscaled and radio - controlled aviation. Most of my model planes got 1,50m to 2,00m wingspan and are I/C powered with a performance between 1 and 4 PS, some with a retractable landing gear, several twinengines and one even rocket - auxpowered. It's a good practical knowledge to build and, what is more painful, to service the aircrafts. I have to spend more time with the latter than with flying. Remember, when you enter the F16 for an hour of pure enjoyment in the air how the groundcrew has to suffer. Each bullet hole in the wings, each scratch of a flak shell, each stress on the airframe as you pull too much g's will ruin your mechanics evening.


A few pics can be found here 

My F4U Corsair egressing from a strafing run on a Belgian TALIS route 
A Me 163 "Komet" (not mine, but similiar) taking off and...
... airborne ... as an allied bombercrew you soon would get introduced to the two Rheinmetall - Borsig MK108 30mm cannons, known as the "pneumatic hammer".
And finally a P51 Mustang, on final, gear down..

1st G.U.N.S  - global  net ?
When I was asked for my own special section, I only could follow one thought: The idea of an omnisignificant squadron. Indeed, wouldn't it be phantastic to have a squadron which has it's roots in as many countries on the world as possible? Having friends, reliable ones in those days nearly anywhere?


Just an idea? I don´t think so. Recent 5 years have shown me that it IS possible - if you get the right people together.   more to follow *sigh* time


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