Very often, our pilots are questioned by other pilots how to improve their skills in the multirole air combat scenarios of SP4. Well folks, we can only prevail some hints on how to manage this. 
Additionally you find instructions from the worldwide best Falcon pilots and developers like Tom "KC" Basham and Pete Bonnani and a big, full-scale SAM guide.
Stay tuned ! 

Keep the Basics! Our SAM guide
SENTRY - a real task !

NEVER - I repeat - NEVER use the simple flight, avionic and radar modes despite you want to play some kind of "Wingcommander" game. You know that stuff - friends are blue, the foe is red on your gameboy radar mode. Folks, this is something for kiddies but not for serious ambitioned pilots like us, eh ?!


Fly at least with 95+ % realism. Due to a lack of the cockpit view most of our pilots fly with an enhanced padlock. That's all we are going to allow for FALCON 4.0/SP2.


Take a realistic look at the situation before you scramble. This gives you a professional view over the theatre at the moment. Check the intention of bandits in the strike area and remember the FLOT


Coordinate your flight with your wingmen before the takeoff online. Discuss the targets priorities and how to achieve the mission goal (e.g. with a shooter/cover attack)


Before Takeoff decide precisely who is in command for the upcoming mission. Most often that's the flight leader himself, yet not necessarily. Keep the chain of command


In flight, keep the chain of command.


If you are the Wingleader (WL) be assured you will be the most wanted target for bandit raids. The foe knows pretty well what happens if the head is off once. So stay tuned and keep in mind your playmates´ positions. Do NOT try to be the lonely shooter, but let your wingmen intercept the most difficult targets and play the cover. YOU are responsible for your mates, if you are WL. Hence behave that way! Tip: Set yourself out of the situation time by time.


SAMs & AAAs are by definition none's friends. Yet the specifications of these bad birds are mostly unknown, although knowledge is survival, especially since RP5/SP2. 
So, here comes the whole arsenal of threats. As usual, click on the images below to get more info.

Read carefully, for it may safe your (virtual) life !

ZSU 23-2 ZSU 57-2 ZSU 23-4
2S6 SA-2 SA-3
SA-4 SA-5 SA-6
SA-7 SA-8 SA-9
SA-10 SA-11 SA-12
SA-13 SA-14 SA-15
Sentry done by Bluefire at Wirdum Camp  

Sentry - it's name is pure magic. The work here in Falconworld is less flying than serving. Doing a good Sentry job means to give your airborne fellowmen and pilots the feeling of reality and guide them safely through all obstacles.

So you will need a lot of concentration to keep the track of the dynamic developing situation. A single lack of awareness and Python 2 may be struck by some ugly Fulcrums in the north..... That wouldn't be a good deal eh? 

With SP3 we will face a complete new Sentry interface which will look like this: (Thanks Schumi for the preview!)



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