Name Lutz Schneider
Callsign "Cyrex" Xorlarrin  (alias "M")
Age 30
Profession student of network-engineering
Base Giessen



1st G.U.N.S.
My view "To fly must be the greatest experience to humans 
who are bound to earth with no wings, and can only 
stare at the birds in the sky in joyful desire.
But to fly with your friends and comrades in a team 
in perfect harmony with the same spirit and goal,
must be even greater.
Up there, between the heavens and the earth, 
sunlight in you cockpit, your hand at the stick 
and your trusted wingman right and left 
of your side, of whom you know they would go to hell 
and back with you, that must be the experience 
you can only have with the 1st G.U.N.S. Richthofen !"
My call "Those who watch their backs 
meet death from the front !"



Fav.  plane IDS Tornadp, B52 Fav. miss. SEAD
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"Teamwork is the Best !
Mudmoving comes next.
Dogfights are not for me,
SEAD I will fly with glee.

Just don't send me into the NAVY,
cause I won't pay the fee,
for a new carrier or Hornet...you will see !"



[Lutz "Cyrex" Schneider]


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