Only a true gamer and SF-Fan can empathize our feelings when we discovered this new genre in september 2003. A SF-opera played as massive multiplayer game (mmog)  with thousands of people worldwide simultaneously. It looked as if our dreams have become true. Abit funny to see that the main server was located in little Icleand (uuh the do have the net over there..?) but this did not stop our enthusiasm at all.


Quickly vOid and me jumped into detail and became... obsessed. Trinity, Nitro, Ranik, Corvulus and (van)Side joined, soon was the task force formed, ready to rock as we thought ...


It didnīt take long and we faced two phenomenons. First, we found some old scattered members online in this game monthes before we started (greetings to checkpoint and to butcher and his restless brothers). It was as if our old Falcon pilots had all independently found the same path. Same happened to pilots of other squadrons, e.g. our friends of the 23rd.


The second phenomenon was even more disturbing and somehow alerting: We learned that our daily routine of life no longer seemed to be split by midnight but by an hour called "tranquility". This was the only hour when the universe of EVE was offline anywhere in the world. The game servers are down due to reboot. TQ  lasts from 11.00-12.00 a.m. CET every day and was like for us like taking breath in real life for some 60 mins for we accomodated the rest of our non virtual reality in accordance to these "downtimes". Our lifes became synchronised to a couple of stupid computers on a vulcano island some thousand kilometers away. If anyone had told me this years ago, I would have called him nuts...


Navigation and mining became our main daily tasks. Skilled from F4 we could adept some of our experience while warping through the virtual galaxy. Though only a small squadron in comparison to the big companies in EVE, we were pretty sucessful and kept the 1st G.U.N.S. flag up. In the dangerous 0.0 space zones we encountered the XETIC alliance and soon became a member of this trust.


Some wonderful screenshots and pics to demonstrate the overwhelming influence of this game in our real life. If you prefer a combat video of some encounters, we recommend this file.

  npc hunt   the end of an impaler  
  the Iteron fleet   base building  
  backbone of success      
  CEO @ work   =EVE= anywhere  
  trouble at 3L3    one of our raven bs  
  enigma base   on an escort mission  

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