how the Chinese sunk our carrier   
    alert - our carrier is under fire !!!    

scrambling in total darkness


wednesday, july 9th 2002 at 2:12 CET  the pilots of the alpha campaign were suddenly  waked up from sleep by the MCC . the situation they now faced was extreme: our western carrier the USS CV-76 was going to be highly threatened  by an imminent  chinese air raid. intelligence reported the launch of multiple bombers from..... airport heading south. the chinese wanted our carrier being sunk into  what they called "their sea".

    damn... Sentry is knocked down     Feret airborne in first F-14  

immediatley after scrambling from the carrier our pilots faced 3 packages of most modern Chinese "Blackjack" bombers which were escorted by 2 packages of SU-30 MKKs. to make it worse, sentry was midnight due to the storyline and jammed by Chinese counterintelligence. so it was an outstanding fight, for only equipped with their onboard radars and left nearly blind in total darkness our guys from the bravo campaign had to defend the carrier against all odds. 

    trying to find the attackers by onboard radars     Ferret's F-14 shot off by SU-30 MKKs  

what the pilots did not know at this point was the fact that - for the first time in the history of falcon camps - the adversaries were not AI but human controlled. A small group of adepted, specially trained people from the Alpha campaign  including Schumi from F4UT flew the blackjacks and the escorting flankers. so it was humans fighting against humans.... and I can tell you people... it was really impressive to see that much flight skills being put together in that nasty situation. the desperate fight lasted 90 minutes and our pals nearly could save the carrier and destroy the attack, when "Schumi" sneaked in with the last blackjack and finally sunk the carrier......

    Chinese "Blackjack" supersonic bomber     a deadly Chinese AS-6 "Kingfish"   
    hostile SU30s over carrier group     F14 Tomcat night operation  

...the next day there was only one theme on the camp......! 
Our special respect goes to the following pilots who did that great job:

Merlin (440th) Snakeace  (440th) ping (1st G.U.N.S) 
Feret  (1st G.U.N.S) Firebird (1st G.U.N.S)  MiHi (440th
Bigbrother (LLT's) 

Commanding Air Group

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