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Falconers worldwide you are welcome here!
Never before there has been such a vivid and rapidly changing community in the world of military sims than these days. Here you find links and pics from our related squadrons. Tip: Also check our camp section !

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C/Os if you want to see your squadron listet here, too just drop us a letter with your official logo by clicking here.l


Have you ever flown a gorilla strike withe more than 6 pilots in a hard-fought campaign? If you have, you do how much fun and joy this can be. Hence, find our most recommended squadrons for this right here.

440th Angeldust

Based in Austria, this squad is a one of our partners  Be it during online-flight or at the FALCONCAMPS, there has been a deep and fruitful conjunction with pilots of the 440th in the past 2 years. Thanks alot guys !

squad features
deep envolved in develop. scene
professional in combat
running F4community pages
23rd Hawks

Based in Aachen, this is a small - but very professional acting squadron. Especially well known for great cockpits & first class Mutual Support training abilities.

squad features
excellent mutual support
just Germans until now
homepage: 23rd HAWKS

56ecv Condor


Amazing young pilots who fly for devotion. Good support and a video worth beeing seen. Maybe we will meet one day in real life guys, that would be great! Take my heart, Argentina!

squad features
BIG squadron
also engaged in IL2 and Flanker 
homepage: ECV 56 Condor
Falcon Video: ECV 56 Condor
1st Korea VFS

You need air cover in a major online operation and are used to "asian-stylish" english language... :-)  
You are right with these guys. Training in a real F-16 airbase near sould and under the guidance of real F-16 pilots these guys are......puuhh great for any task !
We would really like to learn you personal in a Falconcamp...!

squad features
most effective A2A support
sometimes alittle bit difficult 
homepage: 1st Korea VFS
209th Deltahawks

2 major LAN operations have been carried out with this phantastic squadron. We would be very happy to see this development continued despite the trouble over RP5/SP2-3. We will see.

squad features
once "state of the art" squad
major Microposetester of Falcon 4.0
developer of RP3-5 (C/O Rhino)
run the famous "war bunker"
homepage: 209th Deltahawks

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