Paris the Pet Pilot


Name The worldīs best flying cat 
Callsign "Paris"
Origin okok...vOid & Claudia are my lordlings.
They picked me up & trained me. *sigh*
* Born Jul 2nd 2000, Aachen
+ Died Jun 6th 2004
Profession Full professional Falcon Pilot ! *YEAH*
Base Aachen
Representing (CAT HEAVEN)


The only flying real Cat!


1st G.U.N.S.
  (at least !!!)
I am ANYWHERE, especially if you donīt await it *G*
  (best flying cat)


My view "I love void & Claudia but to be honest...most of all 
I love vOidīs pit with all these wonderful cables, 
jacks, plugs and other amazing toys. I really 
love to play with these things during the landing
procedure or at the takeoff. *YEAH*
My call "Flying cats UNITE UNITE !!!" 



Fav. plane TOMCAT (z)! Fav. miss. DOG FIGHT !!!
email My web page
ICQ specials I AM special


Our thoughts WE will never forget you Paris. May you find your cockpit
in cat heaven

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