Pilot Snake


Name Dr. Nebosja (Nesja) Ivkovic
Callsign "Snake"
Age 38
Profession Practising Dentist
Base Düsseldorf


Pilot Snake


1st G.U.N.S.


My view ""Flying F-16 is just fun and enjoyable as a Sim,  sitting in a Chair in front of my Computer, but . reality shows, that in reality it is a cruel and bloody Job; this makes the big difference. Still I like it, at least as a Game and in virtual squads where the team spirit is the main thing ! Like in real Life, "Me for You and You for Me" - means: You cover me and I'll cover You ! No hot Shots and "One man Shows" are welcomed, it covers not the Spirit of the "1st G.U.N.S. Richthofen" squadron.
My call "Check Six, Alter !"  



Fav, plane F16, Mig 29 Fav,miss. CAP, BARCAP
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Our thoughts Founding with us the squadron in 1997, he is a
true champ in of our squadron today. If you need aircover for your stike, HE is the man. Silent, highly efficient and 100% reliable if you need him. Earlier LAN sessions mainly took place at his plateau. Without him the 1st G.U.N.S. would not at all be what they are in these days. Thanks a lot, Snake! We hope to see yer back on Sp3 !
(vOid, Bluefire, C.A.G.)

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