Don Carlos


Name The newest member of 1st G.U.N.S.
Callsign "Don Carlos"
My view "WOW I am new here. I just arrived
in Aachen few days ago. Down you find
a pic when I left my Sojus Capsule and entered my new terrain. There is much to discover and I am pretty happy here at vOid & Claudia. I already explored vOids keyboard but hey.... I am still young... *sleepyyawn*"
* Born April 17th 2004, Aachen
Profession I want to become a Falcon Pilot like my
  predecessor the famous Paris
Base Aachen
Representing (CAT HEAVEN)


Touchdown... still abit shaky from the journey




Wow what a NICE COUCH here !




...my origin


1st G.U.N.S.
  * sniff*
I will meet you !
  wanna be the worldīs best flying cat


My view īCīmon, when will I be fed next time ?
My call "Flying cats UNITE UNITE !! 


Fav. plane feeding dish Fav. miss. Forrage !
email My web page
ICQ specials I AM special


Our thoughts A new star is born....

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